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The Chopin Preludes

Item # TS095
The Chopin Preludes
The Chopin Preludes
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We are proud to introduce the Distinctive Masterworks series geared towards the intermediate pianist. Each melodic passage is derived from Chopin's Original Preludes in both melody and harmony. We have also taken much care in preserving the technical lessons that Chopin incorporated into each etude-like piece. We feel quite strongly that this collection will lift you to new technical challenges and bring you pleasure for years to come. Chopin Preludes for the Intermediate Pianist, transcribed & edited by Jonathon Robbins, is now available with a professionally mastered concert pianists recording.

Prelude (Op. 28, no. 2) Prelude (Op. 28, no. 4) Prelude (Op. 28, no. 7) Prelude (Op. 28, no. 11) Prelude (Op. 28, no. 1) Prelude (Op. 28, no. 6) Prelude (Op. 28, no. 13) Prelude: Raindrop (Op. 28, no. 15) Prelude (Op. 28, no. 3) and more.
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