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Portable Photo Chords

Item # 70652
Portable Photo Chords
Portable Photo Chords
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Portable Photo Chords is a handy reference guide that includes the most frequently used guitar chords in an easy to read “at-a-glance” format. We have designed this book to be size specific so that it can be stored in a guitar case without the need to bend or fold the pages. In this, our best selling “case-style” chord book, you will find examples of chords in all keys with guitar frames, chord box diagrams and suggested fingerings.

The photos depicted provide an added advantage of seeing how the left hand should be positioned on the neck. Since certain chords require fingers to be bent in specific ways and others have more than one note covered by a single finger, the photo-diagram combination is extremely valuable. This is one of the many “case-style” chord books available from Santorella Publications.

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