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Jazz Piano Exercises & Etudes Book 2 with CD

Item # TS066
Jazz Piano Exercises & Etudes Book 2 with CD
Jazz Piano Exercises & Etudes Book 2 with CD
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Jazz can be an enjoyable form of musical expression. However, technique can be a major area of difficulty for the beginning jazz player. Exercises & Etudes for Beginning Jazz Piano strives to resolve this common problem by first introducing concepts in the form of exercises in classic (“legit”) notation then building upon newly acquired skills by teaching the student complimentary jazz etudes.

This approach will condition the students’ hands and expand the students’ mind for more difficult jazz playing in the future. It is the perfect start for the beginning jazz pianist. Now available with a performance CD so you can play along or just sit back and listen.

Jazz Piano Exercises & Etudes Book 2 is a continuation of Volume One (TS065). All pieces presented in this series published by Santorella Publications are arranged by level of difficulty, therefore should be studied in sequence. A great tool for any aspiring pianist as well as an incredible asset to any beginning jazz curriculum.

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