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Essential Beethoven with CD

Item # MP012
Essential Beethoven with CD
Essential Beethoven with CD
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The Essential Composer Series” published for Piano by Minstrel Press and distributed by Santorella Publications features the original works from some of the greatest composers that ever lived. The selections have been carefully chosen to give the user a source of essential core literature from that specific composer. This transcribed series by Avis Fedge Romm has only had minor editing when seen as a valuable aid in facilitating the musician in authentically interpreting the composer’s music.


The Essential Composer Series has become a staple stock item for many music retailers throughout the world. Each edition includes a performance CD, which is also a great tool for younger players to hear the melodies that they have been practicing so diligently. This edition contains the following works of Ludwig van Beethoven; 

German Dance • Ecossaise • Landler No.5 • Landler No.7 • Sonatina in G • Allemande • German Dance No. 2 • German Dance No.7 • Fur Elise • Menuet in G • Waltz • Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia (Moonlight Sonata)

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