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Clementi Sonatinas: Distinctive Masterworks

Item # TS097
Clementi Sonatinas: Distinctive Masterworks
Clementi Sonatinas: Distinctive Masterworks
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Distinctive Masterworks is a series dedicated to a particular composer’s works, and created for the intermediate pianist. We have taken great care in preserving the melody, style, harmony and the intent of the composer in every case. The literature has technical value and acts as a bridge between the elementary level and the concert level for the young pianist.

Muzio Clementi’s piano works are essential repertoire to every advancing student of piano. Clementi’s Sonatinas, Opus 36 have been studied and mastered by serious pianists for centuries. These sonatinas are still considered unequalled by any other piano studies being taught today. This Santorella Publication is transcribed & edited by the very talented author, arranger and dedicated educator, Jay Latulippe.

Be sure to continue your studies in “Distinctive Masterworks” with The Chopin Preludes;
“a must for any young talented pianist.”
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