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Basic Keyboard Chord Chart

Item # TS237
Basic Keyboard Chord Chart
Basic Keyboard Chord Chart
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Our new Basic Keyboard Chord Chart is a complete and concise resource, while being exceptionally easy to read and understand. 

We've included Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished, Dominant Seventh, Major Seventh, Minor Seventh, Added 6th, Added 9th and even 13th chords in a convenient fold out chart printed on heavy stock to last for many years.  This comprehensive chart contains a total of 120 chords with shaded key diagrams indicating how to play each one.

Additionally, using our Basic Chord Building Chart, you'll not only learn how to play each chord, but why and how they are constructed. This Basic Keyboard Chord Chart is portable and affordable, and the perfect at-a-glance reference for musicians of all skill levels. 

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