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Basic Bar Chord Chart

Item # TS227
Basic Bar Chord Chart
Basic Bar Chord Chart
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Our sales are “off the charts” for this expanding series from Santorella Publications. Made of heavy laminated cover stock, each chart has concise easy-to-read information that is presented in a clear, easy-to-understand format. The Basic Bar Chord Chart for Guitar is no exception.

Bar Chords, also referred to as Barre or Moveable Chords, is a type of guitar chord where the finger is used to replace the nut of the guitar. This sliding effect is a unique style and technique used by many accomplished players. Basic Bar Chord Chart from Santorella Publications includes Major, Minor, Sixth (6), Minor Sixth (m6), Seventh (7), Major Seventh (ma7), Minor Seventh (m7), Seventh Suspended (7sus), Ninth (9), Eleventh (11), Thirteenth (13), Augmented (+) & Diminished Chords (-).

It’s hard to believe that so much information can be found in a small package. Santorella’s Basic Bar Chord Chart is not only portable and affordable, but perfect for those times when a glance is all you need.

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