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Anniversary Waltz for Piano

Item # TS191
Anniversary Waltz for Piano
Anniversary Waltz for Piano
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Ion Ivanovici’s (1848 – 1905) “Waves of the Danube”, known as the “Anniversary Waltz” or “Oh, How We Danced”, originated in Europe as a Slavic folk style piano selection titled “Valurile dundrei”. It was first published in this country in 1896, and again in 1903, when it became commonly known as the "Waves of the Danube”.

This familiar theme published by Santorella Publications has a unique quality which is so rarely found in today’s music. Ivonovici'sAnniversary Waltz possesses a contagious melody reminiscent of a skaters glide in a cool mountainous alpine setting.

Santorella’s “Signature Series” edition by Jonathon Robbins is an absolute pleasure to read and a fantastic addition to your ceremonial repertoire.

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